Building a Flower Wall

One thing that I’ve seen at a couple of recent weddings is something called a ‘flower wall’, which is a beautiful wall made of lace/silk flowers to serve as a backdrop for wedding photos. I had a chance to assemble one a couple days ago for my wonderful sister/brother-in-law, so just wanted to walk through the building process.

Flower Wall Panels

In order make a rudimentary frame, my sister bought 15 flower wall panels, each 63x45cm. On the back of these panels are a plastic grid, which can be easily linked to adjacent panels with plastic zip ties.

After laying out the flower wall panels and connecting them together, we had a structure that was 6’2” by 7’4”. We also bought some pink silk flowers to accentuate the top of the wall, and cut out letters from foamboard to spell out the wedding hashtag #YouButalaBelieveIt! These letters were subsequently spraypainted with gold paint, and secured to the wall panel structure by painted zipties.

Trellis Construction

One of the big challenges that we faced was supporting the flower wall on a free-standing basis. The wedding hotel venue had a hard regulation against nails, hooks, or command strips, so we went to Home Depot and got the following supplies:

  • 8 1′ x 6′ 6ft common boards
  • An impact driver
  • Pack of 1-1/4” GRK screws

We first laid out the boards in the pattern below before drilling. One can see that the top and bottom boards are a little wider, just to get closer to the goal height of 7 feet.

Once this was done, we drilled everything together, and obtained our final project. Lots of work, but it came out looking great!

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