Glofish Aquarium

Over the past month or so, I’ve been working on stocking a new 60 gallon aquarium. I’ve always loved aquariums in the past, and actually had a 10-gallon aquarium with a betta fish (Reza), followed by five glofish tetras back in the day. Unfortunately, the five tetras passed away a few months ago, and the tank went down to the basement after being drained. However, over Christmas break, I found an amazing deal on a tank that was being sold on Craigslist, and decided to get back into the hobby!

A brief clip of the tank can be seen above, with Alexander hanging out in the background. Details about the tank can be seen below:

Aquarium60 Gallon Tall
Tank: 12.75 in L x 48.5 in W x 25 in H
Substrate20 lb of gravel (Black / Glofish)
LightingFluval Aquasky (included in Craigslist deal)
Generic LED airstone at base
AirstonesHydrofarm 4-port Pump, connected to bubble wand and 2 bubble discs
FilterFluval 406, replacing a Fluval 405 which was included in the Craigslist deal but had a broken latch. Filter contains Carbon, Seachem Purigen, and Seachem Matrix)

At present, in the tank, I have nine glofish tetras (genetically modified black skirt tetras). They look great, and have awesome schooling behavior. It’s pretty relaxing to see them swimming around! Just as a 1 month update, I’d like to also recommend the Aquarium Note app on Android, which is great for keeping track of water changes and parameters. I’d also recommend the Eheim Automatic Feeder, which is fantastic.

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