Danice & Alok Wedding

Last week, my family and I celebrated the wedding of Deena’s sister Danice and Alok! We had a wonderful time at initial ceremony in Tampa . . . followed by a fun Mehindi celebration . . . followed by a beautiful wedding celebration . . . and an awesome reception! Lots of love to theContinue reading “Danice & Alok Wedding”

Amy’s Wedding

My sister got married! Quick note, but just wanted to extend a big congratulations to Matt and Amy who got married on July 14th. The ceremony was absolutely wonderful, and just like the engagement a few months ago, there was lots of love and joy in the air. On the day prior to the engagement,Continue reading “Amy’s Wedding”

Amy’s Engagement

Just a quick note, but just wanted to celebrate my sister Amy Maduram’s engagement to Matt George! Had a great time at the event. Here’s me giving a speech: Here’s my parents with Alexander: And here’s my family! Lots of fun!