Top 10 LitRPG Series for 2018

At present, there are a lot of great LitRPG books, with more and more titles authored on a weekly basis. It can get a little hard to keep track of my favorite series, so I’ve written this post primarily to remind myself about the 10 best litRPG series in 2018. Just for clarity, I’ve focusedContinue reading “Top 10 LitRPG Series for 2018”

Awaken Online 3 Evolution Review

This is a brief review of Travis Bagwell’s “Awaken Online 3: Evolution”. As noted, this is the 3rd book in the ‘Awaken Series” and is categorized as a science fiction litRPG. PLOT A simplified graph of the major plot points in this title can be seen above. This is the third book in the series,Continue reading “Awaken Online 3 Evolution Review”

Great Britain 2-Week Itinerary with Toddlers

Last month, I had the opportunity to go to Europe for two weeks with my wife, two kids, and my in-laws. It was an amazing vacation, but it took a lot of preparation, especially given that we had two kids who were still in diapers. Although I wouldn’t say the trip was easy, it wasContinue reading “Great Britain 2-Week Itinerary with Toddlers”

Cliffs of Moher Trip Review

Last week, we had the chance to go to the amazing Cliffs of Moher, located on the western side of Ireland. We initially thought about doing this trip through a coach bus via Viator, but eventually decided to do a private tour through Kennedy and Carr. Initially, we weren’t sure whether the cost of doingContinue reading “Cliffs of Moher Trip Review”

Guinness Storehouse Review

Ever since moving to Boston for residency, I’ve always loved stout beers. I was initially hooked on stouts when my friends and I used to hang out at an Irish pub near my apartment in Beacon Hill, and since then I’ve always claimed Guinness as my favorite beer. Since residency, I’ve tried many different kindsContinue reading “Guinness Storehouse Review”

Courtlough Shooting Grounds Review

Last week, my wife and I had the pleasure of going to the Courtlough Shooting Grounds in Balbriggan Ireland. For our wedding anniversary, we wanted to do something fun and exciting — my wife had previously mentioned that she wanted try out either falconry or clay pigeon shooting when she was in Ireland, and andContinue reading “Courtlough Shooting Grounds Review”

Skysworn Cradle 4 Review

Overall, this book was good. Detailed thoughts about the conflict, plot, setting, characters, and writing style are listed below. CONFLICT This book has three storylines that are each worth their weight in gold: Protagonist [Lindon] struggling to get stronger Conflict between the Jai family and the Arelius clan Conflict between the Blackflame Empire and BleedingContinue reading “Skysworn Cradle 4 Review”

Amy’s Engagement

Just a quick note, but just wanted to celebrate my sister Amy Maduram’s engagement to Matt George! Had a great time at the event. Here’s me giving a speech: Here’s my parents with Alexander: And here’s my family! Lots of fun!